In 1982, Ray Meltvedt embraced the act of servant leadership when he saw that the basic need of shelter was missing for the desperte and forgotten Mayan Indians living across the California border in and around Tecate, Mexico. He realized how close poverty is, as even Jesus said, “the poor will always be among you.” In an effort to meet their need, he designed a simple 16’ x 20’ wood-framed house that could easily be built with a small team of volunteers. From there, his mission quickly became a successful reality called “Club Dust”, and began leading others to help him serve those in need.

After defying the odds
and recovering from
a massive stroke (you
can’t keep this woman
down!) Bella Strong eagerly
began her career in the
non-profit industry in 2008,
and dove in to help the
homeless on the streets of
Santa Cruz, California.

Armed with leadership skills gained by skyrocketing up the
corporate financial ladder (straight from receptionist to
wholesaling mutual funds and annuities in a few short years),
her hard work, discipline and creative problem solving made
her a true leader in many walks of life.

Today, Bella is passionate about sharing her lessons learned
on how to face and overcome life’s challenges, eliminate
cross-cultural prejudices, and manage difficult emotions all
through the example of Jesus’ love and sacrifice. By teaching
others how to effectively work with a unified goal, her trip
guests return to their communities, churches and business with
a new purpose, demonstrated through simple acts of love.

Club Casa envisions a world in which we
actively serve one another side by side.

Our mission is to teach Servant Leadership by providing,
practicing and encouraging this biblical principle, thereby offering
genuine care and comfort to our neighbors near and far.

“Faith in action is LOVE. And love in action is SERVICE.”
Mother Teresa