But the greatest among you shall be your servant. Matthew 23:11

“Servant Leadership” might seem like a term with conflicting words, but when they are applied together, they are a perfect pair.

When leaders serve, they add value to the people who
receive their service. This value might be as simple as making someone feel worthwhile or as tangible as providing a physical resource put straight into someone’s hands. A good habit for a servant leader is to try and add value to everyone they meet. This is what Jesus did, day in and day out. He is the ultimate example of the proven power of servant leadership. If we are wiling to grow, we can easily learn from Him how to apply these these principles into every walk of life.

“Some spend their entire life climbing the corporate ladder
only to find it is leaning on the wrong building.” — Steven Covey


On a Club Casa trip or at a workshop, you’ll participate in team building activities that will help you become more authentic.Some of these activities will teach you how to communicate more effectiveky, apply critical thinking to solve problems, and know how and where to apply your creative gifts to help others.

What You’ll Gain

  1. An better understanding of why self awareness is important and how great leaders used it.
  2. A better understanding of your key strengths and areas where you can improve.
  3. A new sense of self-worth as you learn to love others with humility and empathy.
  4. How to think both critically and creatively as you solve problems to reach your goals.
  5. An increased sense of trust and dependance on others.
  6. The removal of any feeling of excessive pride or superiority.
  7. How to communicate effectively with love and compassion.

You’ll also learn the specific character traits that some of the most influential servant leaders throughout history (such as Martin Luther King, Mother Teresa and George Washington) used to successfully complete their life missions.


  • Help construct a 16’ x 20’ or 10‘ x 12’ home in Mexico or
    distribute food and supplies locally to the homeless
  • Distribute donated essential items to families
  • Inspire local children through group activities and lessons
  • Learn about the history and colorful traditions of Mexico
  • Fall in love with the flavors you’ll taste and folks you’ll meet!


Accommodations: 4 nights at the 4-star Kumiai Inn Hotel in Tecate, Mexico (https://www.kumiaiinn.com). This hotel provides a safe environment (with 24-hour security included) where we can refresh and relax as we enjoy our evening meals, including live cultural entertainment and group activities.

Meals: Three regional meals are provided each day.

Transportation: We will pick you up from your location and personally drive you across the border and throughout the trip. Additional airport transportation can be arranged upon request, if needed.

Program Materials: All instructional materials are included in the package price.